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Our consultants are trained in strategy development, which helps in building financial security step-by-step. Our number one priority is having a strong relationship with our clients to understand their needs and wants. We work together to set financial goals and create a plan for reaching your target efficiently.

Success Stories


I am the author of the book, The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning, and I have been in the financial services industry for 10 years. I believe retirement planning is a vital aspect of financial planning. Most books in the market do not address retirement planning in our local context. I am passionate about helping Singaporeans achieve their retirement goals. Joining JYO has given me a platform to serve my clients better, with a wider range of financial solutions.

Justina Lim
Financial Consultant

In JYO, what we learn is not just skills and knowledge, but also the psychology behind the sales process. Coach James has developed the “Systematic Wealth Builder”, which enables us to do effective financial planning for our prospects and smoothens the sales process. JYO adopts a mature and family-oriented management style. I'm able to work at my own pace while juggling family duties. Overall, it has a welcoming environment that promotes a balanced lifestyle.

Justina Lim
Financial Consultant

At JYO, we believe in working together like a family. Coach James is a great and nurturing mentor. He focuses on our mindset and personal development. I used to have a weak mindset and didn't believe in myself. After meeting Coach James, I've experienced amazing growth beyond my own belief. The “Systematic Wealth Builder” developed by Coach James, provides holistic financial planning for our clients. It is something that we take pride in using, to help educate and serve our clients.

Tan Hui Yim
Senior Financial Consultant

Using the “Systematic Wealth Builder” developed by Coach James, I can understand my clients’ needs effectively. As they find the meeting very educational, getting referrals has become a breeze. Coach James provides support in prospecting, case studies and brainstorms ideas with me regularly. This helps me to build a strong foundation in running my own business. He trains me for presentations, gives guidance on personal branding, nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset and provides opportunities for business networking.

Karen Kee
Senior Financial Consultant
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