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Our consultants are trained in strategy development, which helps in building financial security step-by-step. Our number one priority is having a strong relationship with our clients to understand their needs and wants. We work together to set financial goals and create a plan for reaching your target efficiently.

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I am the author of the book, The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning, and I have been in the financial services industry for 10 years. I believe retirement planning is a vital aspect of financial planning. Most books in the market do not address retirement planning in our local context. I am passionate about helping Singaporeans achieve their retirement goals. Joining Aspire has given me a platform to serve my clients better, with a wider range of financial solutions.

Justina Lim
Financial Consultant

My mother is also a financial consultant, but for many years, I had no interest in this career. It was only after years of working in a charity that I began to see the value in supporting others and increasing their financial literacy. Being in a financial advisory firm allows me to share a wealth of services and knowledge with my clients, and this was why I chose to join Aspire.

Justina Lim
Financial Consultant

Many have asked me why I made the switch from a well-paying job as optometrist to become a financial consultant. This career provides me with passive income and also allows me to determine how much I earn, as it is a result of how hard I work. James has been a nurturing mentor and coach. My goal is to become a manager, and support other financial consultants in the same way.

Tan Hui Yim
Senior Financial Consultant
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